Signature Handprints is a print and design studio located in Sydney’s creative Inner West. Our passionate team combines their extensive knowledge and experience of design and colour to produce innovative hand screen-printed wallpaper, fabric and art. Our products proudly feature in residential and commercial spaces both locally and internationally.

Signature Prints Hand Printed Wallpaper and Fabrics bespoke hand printed wallpaper and fabric


Signature Handprints aims to provide an outlet for people who share our passion for beautiful hand-made products to come together and realise their creative visions. In an industry where digital production methods are becoming more prevalent, we increasing value our niche as specialised hand-printers. We encourage our customers to become involved in the creative process, allowing you to bring your ultimate vision to life through the creation of a unique handcrafted product. We exist for those people who appreciate craftsmanship and ‘good design’, whether they are looking to make a glamorous statement or simply a well-considered personalised finish.


hand printed wallpaper and fabric


Every wallpaper or fabric starts with a design. Each design is held in the format of a Film Positive, which is a black print of each design layer on a sheet of acetate. These film positives are what we use to ‘shoot’ the design onto a screen using a light-sensitive exposure process. Once we have all the layers that make up a design each exposed onto their own screen, we can then print this design as many times as we like – as long as we take good care of the screens they can often be used for decades!

Screen printed designs are created in layers, with each colour layer printed one at a time to build up the complete design.

signature prints bespoke wallpaper select a base


WALLPAPER: Our wallpaper base is available with both Matt and Metallic finishes. Choose from our standard (stock) colours or create your own custom colour (minimum quantities and surcharges may apply).

FABRIC: We stock a small range of fabric basecloths that are suitable for drapery, soft furnishings and light upholstery. Our speciality is printing on 100% natural fibre cloths such as cottons and linens, however we can print successfully on most types of fabric.

Our range of stock base options have been selected and tested for their ecological friendliness and excellent compatibility with our print methods.

Signature Prints Hand Printed Wallpaper and Fabrics Colour matching to any colour


All of our screen-printing inks are completely water-based, ensuring minimal impact on both our environment and the health and safety of our printing staff and you as the consumer. Our colours are formulated using pigments rather than dyes which is what allows us to achieve the light – and colour – fastness required for use in interior settings.

We colour-match to most common paint brands such as Dulux, as well as to Pantones and even to physical samples.

Specify your own custom colours, and take advantage of our specialty ink options including metallic and pearls for that extra special touch.

Signature Prints Hand Printed Wallpaper and Fabrics Colour matching to any colour


Screen-printing is a highly skilled artform that requires precision and strength. Our wallpapers and textiles are all screen-printed by hand in our St Peters studio by a team of experienced printers. This ensures that each roll of wallpaper or metre of fabric retains an individual ‘personality’ that is quite distinct from other mass-produced products.

Orders are typically turned around in 7-10 days and are shipped all over Australia as well as internationally.

Watch one of our hand-printed products come to life…