This story begins in Belgium with 4 rolls of exquisitely designed wallpaper. 

It was shipped to Australia over 10 years ago (when wallpapers were a little out of fashion – let’s be honest) by one of our customers, Kathryn Eccles who used it to decorate her home.  She loved the wallpaper so much that when she purchased her next house, wanted to use it again. Alas, she only had half a roll left and it was very brittle.

Every good story needs a hero, so along comes Alan…  ‘Alan that Wallpaper Guy’. Alan hangs very well and is well known in the industry for his craft.  Not to take all the limelight, he introduced Kathryn to David Lennie and Jennifer Clarke of Signature Prints who were able to help replicate the exact design and separate each element into its own layer for hand silkscreen printing.

A design such as this is perfectly balanced, and to do it justice, the colours also needed to maintain its rich boldness, or it could end up looking like a ‘home craft job’. Kathryn had tried to have it digitally reproduced several times, and it just wasn’t hitting the mark.

“Every time you walk past it, it should make you smile.” said David Lennie.

The end result by Signature Prints, was 7 layers of intense colour.  The team at Signature Prints produced 7 screens and meticulously produced the final work of art, by hand silk-screen.

The wallpaper was complemented with tiles which were matched by ‘Tiles by Kate’ in Manly and finished with an orange grout.

One of the great joys we have is working with our customers to realise their vision for their home, and we were very pleased to work with Kathryn, so she smiles every time she walks past her amazing wall.  Now that wallpapers have made a stunning ‘come-back’, we recognise Kathryn as a trailblazer of style.

About Kate:

Kate is a midwife who just has the magical knack of seeing something and knowing it will fit in a room.  As a self-confessed ‘op-shop cruiser’, she is the person you want to be spending your rainy Saturday afternoons with, taking the pressure off you to find that perfect vase, bottle, lamp, rug, bowl, cushion… (you know what I mean) that fits the aesthetic of your vision.

We wrap up this story with the knowledge that our damsel is no longer in distress and her home gives her, and her guests, great joy.